Marketing Your Pressure Washing Business

Even the best pressure washing company will go broke if they can't find anyone that needs pressure washing services. Many pressure washing business owners will tell you, the hardest part of the business is getting the clients!  You can become an efficient pressure washer fairly easily within a few weeks, but the marketing aspect of the business will require time, skill and testing to master.

This section will cover a variety of different ways you can start marketing your own business right away. These techniques will put you off to a great start and position you ahead of your competitors because you will understand how technology is changing the small business marketing world.
Internet and Small Business Marketing
The Internet is quickly becoming one of the most affective places to advertise your small business, and is replacing the phone book as the most popular place to advertise. The reason is because more people than ever before are using the Internet to search for local small businesses.
There are many reasons for this rapid change. First of all it's easier to find information on the Internet. When people search for local businesses they often want to go to the company website and do some research before calling the company. They may want a map to the location of the business so they will go online and use a service such as Mapquest or Google Maps. Since they need to get the map anyway, they perform the search for the local business on the Internet instead of the phonebook.

Wireless broadband Internet service is becoming increasingly faster and less expensive. People often use the Internet on their cell phones to find local businesses. It’s also easier to perform a search online and then flip through the pages of a phone book so naturally people are drawn to using the Internet more and more everyday as a search medium. For example, take a look at the new iphone from Apple™ that recently became available in the cellular market. The phone offers a fast Internet speed and a desktop-class web browser.

Do you think anyone that owns a cell phone with Internet capability such as the iphone will be more likely to flip through a thick yellow pages book to find a pressure washing company or simply open a web browser on their touch screen phone and type in the Google search engine, "Pressure washing company, Dallas Texas" ( or wherever they're located). Obviously they're going to use their cell phone, it's simply 10 times faster and easier to search for what they need.

The same goes for other popular phones that have already been on the market for years such as the Blackberry or the Tmobile™ Sidekick which have convenient Internet access. So what does this mean for your business? It means that if you are not taking advantage of the Internet to its FULL potential then you are going to lose work and your competitors that are using the Internet advertising medium will have an advantage over you.

As the Internet becomes more competitive now is the time to utilize the Internet advertising medium to position your company far ahead of your competitor. In order to do this effectively you are going to need your own website. If you would like to learn more about how you can create your own website for your pressure washing business then please check out this article on this site:
Creating a Website for Your Pressure Washing Business



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