Pressure Washing Business Forms 

One way to make your business stand out among competitors is to use professional looking forms.  Your customers will appreciate it and it will help you stay organized on a day to day basis. There are a variety of different forms needed to help you start and market your pressure washing business. In the following sections we are going to cover each type of form and how it can help your business.

Creating a Business Plan for Success

Creating a solid business plan is the first form needed and is usually created before you invest any time and money into your business. Unfortunately, it's also the most overlooked form when starting a new pressure washing business. If you can't answer the following questions before you start purchasing equipment and investing serious time then chances are you'll be in for a rude awakening.

What type of business are you forming? Sole proprietorship, LLC?
What tax benefits are associated with each type of business?
Have you done a financial forecast?
What's the cost of your overhead?
How are you going to market your business?
What capital are you going to use to market your business and is it sustainable?
What is the demand for pressure washing services in your local area?
What is your target market? Residential or Commercial?
Who are your competitors?
What rates are you going to charge for your services?
Do you have plans for acquiring employees?

All of the answers to these questions and more should be in your business plan. Sure, much of the information is only an estimate that will change over time, however , it will help you see if you are missing anything. A business plan will also help you establish short and long-term goals. It is also required by financial lending institutions before they will approve any business loans.
In the next section we are going to go over the customer agreement form and take a look at what's inside a company cleaning process brochure

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